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As the innovation never stops as aiactive never stops upgrading our edge solutions starting from every small component, catching every new technology. our main purpose as R&D team is all about the stability, scalability, performance, long life, the latest trusted and tested technologies. what client needs, what needs to be enhanced is our target.


AiActive will work as part of your team, we can provide you with the support and consultation you need to recognize needs and solutions from best practices. Starting with an overall assessment of your environment, develop the perfect technology and support for you, create your small detailed technology design, and define the needed requirements.

Research & Development

Building highly scalable and flexible integrated technologies and solutions that are optimized for future growth is no longer impossible. Through our Architecting Services, we will assess your needs and map them to the elite and advanced technology that works best for you, all while delivering latest technologies, utilizing the current resources, and complying with best practices.


If you are looking to bring on technology experts or to cover a shortage in your resources, you can rely on outsourcing some or all of your operations to AiActive and have a source of privileges and outstanding support. AiActive Outsourcing Services can help you to manage, obtain and maintain your functions and systems with the highest level of efficiency.

Warranty extensions

Starting with a general Assessment, AiActive highly qualified professionals will evaluate your current environment through site surveys, questionnaires and analysis. A comprehensive report will be provided, showcasing the identified warranty gaps and recommendations to improve your environment effectiveness.


AiActive Training Services, you can make sure that your internal technical, operational and managing teams are empowered to use your solutions and the latest advanced technologies used. AiActive comprehensive and direct training methodologies employ theoretical and practical instructions and practices.

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Our team of dedicated certified professionals applying QMS international standard of ISO 9001 to deliver a premium and exceptional services which meet your needs and guarantee the results through our genuine process, we are focused on our client’s ROI and peace of mind. We are ready to satisfy all your needs through out the African and Middle East regions with a network of over 20+ partners and thousands of professional engineers and technicians..

Client Testimonials

We are dedicated to serve our clients anytime anywhere.
Mr. Mohammed Adjei The Metropolitan Chief Executive of Accra Mohammed Adjei stated during the field training for the laser cam4 Lidars “We have a major challenge with speeding in Accra, this year over 1500 people have died from road crashes, it could be your relative or friend."
Mr. Anteneh Kassa The CEO of Tensae international At Intercontinental Addis Ababa on 23rd of July highlighting the main issues and challenges in Ethiopia’s road map to achieve an intelligent Transportation and Traffic management system with the cooperation of aiactive technologies.
The head of safe-way-right-way organization In Uganda After delivering the 2nd units of Kustom Signals, Inc. speed enforcement devices together with the latest laserCam4 from Kustom Signals.
Aiactive is looking for distributors in Africa and the region, if you are interested contact us and don't hesitate to join the successful league of our partners.
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