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Toll Management: -

A Toll Management System (TMS) is put in place to collect revenue and recover the capital outlay incurred on the cost of construction, repairs, maintenance, expenses on toll operation by concessionaires, private organizations to provide reduced travel time and increased level to service to end user. In the process of collection toll and user fee it is also important to maintain highest level of security as huge volumes of cash are being floated within toll plazas.

  • Allows lane integration with our ATMS & Speed Enforcement systems for violation tickets at toll plaza. Facilitate smooth traffic flow that minimizes leakages and increases revenues
  • Detect fraud and incidents, easing operations and minimizing risk.
  • Determine exact Toll Charge through Automated Vehicle Classification (AVC)
  • Detect overweight vehicles using violation controls like Weigh in Motion (WIM)
  • Facilitate faster and accurate processing of vehicular data via Automatic Number Plate detectors and works in conjunction with Speed Enforcement engines.
  • The Automatic Vehicle Classification (AVC) system is the most crucial and vital component of the intelligent toll collection system. AVC is used for automatic counting and classification of vehicles entering and leaving the lane at Toll Plazas. Moreover, it determines and stores the graphical details of the profile of the vehicles along with other additional information
  • Automatic number plate recognition (ANPR) is a real-time embedded system which automatically recognizes the license number of vehicles.
  • Captures the image and processes the information to decipher the vehicle registration number and updates the system.This feature also supports incident management and system audit.
  • The concept of toll collection is devised to raise funds for roads, especially for the highways, which enables to recover the capital invested in the construction and meet expenses to repair and maintain the roads. Also, toll operation is a process that reduces the tax burden on local taxpayers and charges the road users instead. Over the years, the technological advancement has changed the spare of toll management system. The Indian toll operation system got a face-lift when Electronic Toll Collection (ETC) System was introduced in 2013. Since then the commissioners have been able to overcome the challenge of long queues and save users time.
  • Refreshing Solutions– Our solutions for Toll Management System are advanced and offer a hassle-free experience to users. Also, it helps commissioners collect toll charges and manage operations successfully. With technologies like Automatic Vehicle Classification System (AVCS), Weigh in Motion.
  • We offer a unique, effective and yet very simple Electronic Toll Collection System. Our toll management system also gathers data on traffic volumes, vehicle classifications, vehicle speeds, the collected fares and sends you detailed reports.
  • Electronic Toll collection is a system enabling collection of toll payments electronically, allowing for near‐nonstop toll collection and traffic monitoring. ETC utilizes vehicles equipped with transponders (electronic tags), wireless communication, in‐road/ roadside sensors, and a computerized system (hardware and software) for uniquely identifying each vehicle, electronically collection of toll, providing general vehicle/ traffic monitoring and data collection.
  • Multi Level security for daily operations as well as data handling
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