Street Laser System

Street Laser System

consists of technical and modular aims to increase road safety, visibility and guidance support, even in unfavorable weather conditions.

It creates 2 or 3-dimensional paths of visible and secure signaling by making visible road edges, roundabouts, crossroads, concealed entrances, zebra crossing.
An innovative laser signaling system that creates 2D and 3D paths that make highways, road edges, roundabouts, tunnels, docks, crosswalks, train platforms etc. more visible, specifically in the dim light of the early hours and in bad weather conditions. The Laser Aid system is one of a kind and an AAA patented technology.
The system has a very low energy consumption and maintenance cost, and is characterized by great efficiency, even in dense fog, heavy rain and snow.
Most fatal accidents and 40% of collisions resulting in severe injuries occur between 9pm and 6am, when visibility is at its worst. Traffic injuries cost more than just lives, they have a huge economic impact on governments. The number of disasters or injured in vulnerable areas as well as social costs can be drastically reduced with the gradual introduction of LaserAid solutions

How does it work?

  • The Laser is able to emit a light beam with a high spatial coherence, that keeps a Laser beam collimated over long distances, but it also has high temporal coherence which allows it to have a very narrow spectrum, i.e. it emits a single color of light.
  • These properties, combined with high gloss, are the basis of the wide range of applications that Laser devices have and continue to have in the most several fields.
  • A Laser beam can be clearly visible from more than 1Km, in heavy fog condition, without attenuation or dispersion (scattering) and it’s the only one artificial lighting system serviceable in unfavorable weather conditions.


  • Road Edges which means illuminating the line of the road edge, it generates visible and safely bright references (or spatial patterns) both in the clear sky, in dense fog, or snow, avoiding accidents increasing the safety.
  • New Jersey Freeways it helps prevent rollover accidents on the highway, and generates reference visible and safe to follow in case of dense fog
  • Roundabout makes visible the intersection more than 200mt generating a light cone, with the apex upward and projecting information that became invisible on the vertical signage, such as road junctions and road directions
  • Tunnels and galleries by illuminate the arch of a tunnel entrance.
  • Crosswalk is a multi-color Laser system, and with projections on the ground of go/stop signal for cars and pedestrians o make even safer pedestrian crossings, especially in case of poor atmospheric visibility.
  • Road construction sites define and make visible (even in fog) roadworks or hazardous areas for the circulation.
  • Mobile Street Police Devices help officers to project in the direction of traffic, safety information to prevent further disasters or for directing traffic without departing from the vehicle.
  • Ports of tourist marinas help the small tourist’s boats to find the way back especially in the night and in the fog.

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This system has a wide range of applications, from on-road (streetlamps) to mobile devices for traffic support and Policemen, and maintenance road companies. It integrates a multifunctional framework with a low-cost development platform to provide several Smart Mobility services.

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