Street Hunter


A high performing LIDAR sensor provides rapid, continuous and accurate recognition and ranging in free-flowing traffic.

With its high-precision detection capabilities, high durability and accuracy, the Streethunter is the ultimate speed enforcement solution for highly demanding environments.

A modern approach to road safety management with our cutting-edge, robust speed camera solution, the Streethunter.

The newest addition to our product line captures license plates of incompliant drivers exceeding speed limits in high-risk areas, night & day.

The user-friendly interface provides multi target speed measurement and vehicle classification with time/date included, top quality high resolution photographic evidence.

The Streethunter offers a wide variety of functionalities, measures spot speed of fast-moving vehicles up to 260km/hour while covering 3 lanes simultaneously. .

Technical Specifications and Features:

  • High efficiency.
  • Facilitates traffic flow.
  • Speed estimation and traffic analysis.
  • Standalone system.
  • Multitarget capability.
  • Adjustable data rate up to 100 Hz.
  • 5-cm measurement accuracy.
  • Remote Connection.
  • Day/Night operation.
  • Multiple lane photo capture.
  • Issue warnings to speeders (Flash).
Technical Specifications:
  • Camera Specs: Resolution 1 ~ 12 Megapixel , Sensor type CCD , Frame rate 60 fps , Captured speed 3 ~ 260 km/h, Detection range 20 m, Memory Up to 128 GB, Digital Zoom 8x , Communication Ethernet 100 BASE-TX, Number of traffic lanes Up to 3.
  • Solid-state LiDAR Specs: Wavelength (nm) 940, Eye safety IEC 62471:2006 (exempt lamp classification), Accuracy (cm) ±5 , Data refresh rate (Hz) Up to 100, Distance precision (mm) ±6, Field of view 99°.
  • Physical Specs: Operating temperature -20° C to 50° C, IP rating IP66, Housing Aluminum, Weight 6 kg, Dimension 272 mm (H) × 288 mm (W) × 250 mm (D)
  • Electrical Specs: Power supply voltage 12V DC, Power consumption 55 Watts.
Ordering information:
  • Street Hunter 2 Mega pixel camera, IP66 with flash, infrared illumination & LIDAR. Order number: RA-FSH-C2-L99.
  • 12 months warranty extension Order number: RA-12mths-wrty-ext.

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