Red Light Enforcement

Red Light Enforcement

Red light enforcement cameras are installed at intersections, strategically chosen to monitor red light violations. Some cameras not only register the license plate, but also measure the speed at the time of the violation, monitor all passing license plates and ongoing traffic, and provide statistical analysis of the registered data.

    Our all-in-one system provide a full range of features:

  • Red light Enforcement..
  • Traffic Counting.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Vehicle Classification.
  • Free Flow LPR.
  • Average Speed.

With our unique ITS product range Aiactive revolutionizes the way red light violation enforcement is managed. The new Tattile Vega Smart Traffic Light 2L automatically detects the light cycle of a traffic light using camera-based image analysis without external sensors thus reducing installation and maintenance costs to the minimum. Once the light turns red, the violation mode activates and the system creates a virtual trigger line. The intelligent camera takes an image of the license plate of each vehicle that runs the red light, which gets read out by the embedded OCR engine. Additionally, monochrome or colored context pictures are taken to show the vehicle approaching the traffic light, passing the stop line at the red signal. A video tops off the complete proof of the red-light violation.

Violation Ticket Sample

Tattile Red Light Traffic Camera

Red Light Enforcement

Vega Smart Traffic Light 2L Tattile Detection of vehicles infringing average
speed or punctual speed limits
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