Red Light Enforcement

Red Light Enforcement

Smart Traffic Light allows the red light status identification through image analysis. Red light violation detected by image analysis (without external sensors), no external device required and reduced installation and maintenance costs. The system is able to manage different kinds of traffic installations (one or two lanes, one traffic light each lane or every two lanes), the beauty of our system that it's an all in one system.

    You just place our system on your gantry and you will get those applications On:

  • Red light Enforcement..
  • Traffic Counting.
  • Video Surveillance
  • Vehicle Classification.
  • Free Flow LPR.
  • Average Speed.

With its unique ITS product range Aiactive revolutionizes the way red light violation enforcement is taken out. The new Tattile Vega Smart Traffic Light 2L automatically detects the light status of a traffic light using camera-based image analysis without any external sensor and thus reduces installation and maintenance efforts to the minimum. Every time the light turns red the violation mode activates and the system creates a virtual trigger on the road surface. Once a vehicle crosses this virtual line causing a violation, the intelligent camera takes a picture of the license plate which is then read out by the embedded OCR engine. In addition, a series of monochrome or optionally color context pictures is made to show the vehicle approaching the traffic light and passing the stop line at the red signal. Moreover, for the final proof, even a video showing the violation is delivered.

Violation Ticket Sample

Tattile Red Light Traffic Camera

Red Light Enforcement

Vega Smart HD – 2HD Tattie It is built over a highly performing base allowing
outstanding scalability.
Vega Smart Traffic Light 2L Tattile Detection of vehicles infringing average
speed or punctual speed limits
ANPR Mobile Tattile is the smart solution to prevent crime, offered as an aid
to Police Forces.
Vega Basic Tattile The Vega Basic Line is built around a small and
compact case
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