Vega Smart HD-2HD

Vega Smart HD – 2HD

The Vega Smart HD/2HD has been specifically designed to cover all requirements of free flow tolling, traffic monitoring and security with an outstanding performance. The system is able to cover 2 lanes at 7.5 meters maximum width, and detects vehicles at speeds up to 250 km/h.

    The Smart HD/2HD is much more than just an ANPR camera, a wide variety of additional functionalities can be added to make it a full vehicle identification system.
    The new Tattile Vega Smart 2HD ANPR (ALPR) system marks the next generation of highly scalable smart cameras. Its embedded intelligence provides a maximum output at extremely low system costs since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user.

Technical Features and Software Performances

Software features and performances
  • OCR ANPR engine on board
  • 2nd Lever OCR optional
  • Max Vehicle Speed 250 [km/h]
  • Working Distance up to 25 [m]
  • Detection 99%
  • Reading 95%
  • capturing 75 fps
  • Video streaming via standard RTSP protocol
  • Compression JPG
  • Installation and configuration by Web Server on board
  • Configuration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol (SDK provided)
  • Date and Hour Synchronization via NTP protocol, IEEE1588, GPS
  • Software Update Upgrading via Web Interface and SDK
  • FTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; Multiple IP servers addressable
  • Tattile TCP/IP open protocol; (SDK provided)
  • Standard protocols XML; SNMP; NTCIP; DATEX2; UTMC; ONVIF; MODBUS
  • Serial Port Insulated RS485
  • Continuous processing with automatic vehicle detection, even without plate
  • Image capture and processing triggered by Ethernet command or digital signal
Technical features
  • ANPR camera 5 MPX BW, 5 MPx Color (color version)
  • Context camera 2.3 Megapixel color CMOS sensor
  • Illuminator 12 high power LEDs
  • Lenses C-Mount. Many focal lengths available
  • Operating System Linux Operating System
  • Digital i/o 6 Optoisolated input - 4 Relay Output – 1 Strobe output
  • Ethernet GigaBit Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • Storage uSD up to 128 GB , HD/SSD up to 1 TB
  • Operating & Storage Temperature From -40° to +60° C
  • Operating & Storage Humidity up to 95% non condensing
  • Power supply voltage 24 Vdc
  • Power consumption 50 W (max)

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Tattile ITS systems pushes limits from ANPR

With the growing abilities of vision systems and the trend towards embedded systems demands have raised for tolling, free-flow, and speeding or red-light control applications. ITS-users increasingly ask for the ability to introduce a higher level of intelligence into previously dumb IP cameras, to provide wireless camera control, and to offer additional functionalities with easy access and installation. Tattile has taken up these latest breakthroughs in machine vision technology and designed and developed entirely from the ground the new Tattile Vega Smart range of camera systems. These new ITS camera systems go beyond pure automatic number plate recognition and offer functions as well as a level of integration which cannot be found elsewhere on the market. The cameras are a genuinely next-generation product line that makes the step from an APNR system to a full vehicle identification system.
Integral part of the new product line is the Vega Smart 2HD, a camera specifically designed to the requirements in free flow toll collection, traffic monitoring and security. The system is able to cover two lanes at 7.5 meters width maximum and detects vehicles at a speed of up to 250 km/h. Additional standard functionalities include embedded ANPR, monochrome vehicle images and color context vehicles images, and an optical speed evaluation as well as the capability to read reflective and non-reflective license plates. An extra sensitive sensor mounted on the Vega Smart 2HD’s context camera ensures quality images also in low light conditions. The modular system architecture allows an easy customization of the hardware platform according to complexity of each given application.

Free Flow

These standard features are complemented by optional functionalities which transform the camera from a standard plate reader into a true smart vehicles recognition and a security system. Firstly, a system can be added to recognize the vehicle brand, vehicle class and even the vehicle color and additionally offer HD Streaming for video surveillance. In addition, the Smart camera can be equipped to simultaneously run two different OCRs on-board. The Real-time license plate identification is then performed by two independent software tools inside the system that provide a maximum accuracy. Through this Double OCR the validated license plate data is a direct output from the camera and any additional third-party analysis software is redundant which reduces complexity and system costs for the user. On top of that, Tattile offers the first of its kind smartphone and/or tablet App for remote camera configuration. Through the Easinstall App not only the Install pack can be uploaded to the camera via remote connection but all optional camera functionalities even when the system is already in operation.
The new Tattile Vega Smart 2HD APNR system marks the next generation of highly scalable smart cameras. Its embedded intelligence provides a maximum output at extremely low system costs since all algorithms are inside the system and deliver an output ready to be interpreted by the user.

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