Vega Basic

Vega Basic

The Vega Basic line with its compact size is easy to install and does not require external IR lightning. With a maximum input power of 13W, it features a PoE interface, making the installation and maintenance time easier and more flexible.

    Vega basic mainly targets stop & go tolling, parking and access control systems and due to local buffering of information, the system functions even in case of interruptions in data connection.
    The new generation full HD sensor reads reflective as well as non-reflective license plates and is equipped with vandal proof connectors.

Technical Features and Software Performances

Software features and performances
  • OCR ANPR engine on board
  • Max Vehicle Speed BASIC SHORT RANGE 70 [km/h], BASIC LONG RANGE 150 [km/h]
  • Working Distance BASIC SHORT RANGE up to 8[m], BASIC LONG RANGE up to 25 [m]
  • Detection 99%
  • Reading 95%
  • Grabbing up to 60 fps
  • Compression JPG
  • Installation and configuration by Web Server on board
  • Configuration and monitoring through TCP/IP protocol (SDK provided)
  • Date and Hour Synchronization via NTP protocol, IEEE1588
  • Software Update Upgrading via Web Interface and SDK
  • FTP Client to FTP Server mode for remote data transmission; Multiple IP servers addressable
  • Tattile TCP/IP open protocol; (SDK provided)
  • Standard protocols XML; SNMP; NTCIP; DATEX2; UTMC; ONVIF; MODBUS
  • Serial Port Insulated RS485
  • Continuous processing with automatic vehicle detection, even without plate
  • Image capture and processing triggered by Ethernet command or digital signal
Technical features
  • ANPR camera 2 MPX BW, 2 MPx Color (color version)
  • Illuminator 8 high power LEDs, InfraRed @ 850 nm
  • Lenses CS-Mount. Many focal lengths available
  • Operating System Linux Operating System
  • Digital i/o 2 Optoisolated input - 2 Relay Output – 1 Strobe output
  • Ethernet GigaBit Ethernet 10/100/1000
  • Storage uSD up to 128 GB
  • Operating & Storage Temperature From -40° to +60° C
  • Operating & Storage Humidity up to 95% non condensing
  • Power supply voltage 24 Vdc, PoE
  • Power consumption 12 W (max)

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The Vega Basic Line

    is built around a small and compact case.
  • POE allows a single wire connection.
  • Optional features can be installed on demand.
  • Impressive capability to keep the device always updated.
  • Available in BW and Color version.

The Vega Basic Range:

  • The Vega Basic Short Range
    can read up to 8 meters far at 70km/h max speed.
  • The Vega Basic Long Range
    can read up to 25 meters far at 150km/h max speed.

Showing relevant Information and Alarms

With the Vega Basic line Tattile offers a robust and high performing ANPR smart camera system at the entry level of the Tattile product range designed for license plate recognition during applications such as congestion charge and stop & go tolling, access control, urban road tracking as well as access control to limited traffic areas. The Linux-based two megapixel ANPR camera is built around a small and compact case and available in a short range version with a working distance of up to eight meters and a long range version that captures license plates up to a distance of 25 meters. Both of the models can be ordered in a monochrome and color version. The tailor made illuminator with eight high power LEDs and integrated infrared at 850 nm wavelength enables to detect virtually all kinds of reflective and non-reflective license plates.

System Generates Report

Installation is made extremely easy as the system features a Power-over-Ethernet (PoE) interface that allows a single wire connection for both data transfer and power transmission. Another surplus is the vandal-proof connectors in the system which enables safe and continuous operation even in areas that are in reaching distance to unauthorized persons. On top of that, the Vega Basic can be updated extremely easy through connection with the proprietary Tattile Easintall App that provides the user a remote camera configuration by smartphone and/or tablet even when the system is already in operation.
As a reliable stand-alone solution with no need for additional processing power the Tattile Vega Basic automatic number plate reader does set a new price/performance standard in the entry segment.

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