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Young drivers often overestimate their skill level and underestimate the complexity of driving. That’s one of the reasons they are overrepresented in the accident statistics.Traditional driver training can’t prepare future road users for critical situations and bad weather conditions, but a simulator can. Not only does it save costs in fuel consumption and vehicle maintenance, it shows the students the consequences of their actions without causing damage and injuries, whilst developing skills, competence, confidence and overcoming the fear of driving.The first part of a driving simulator training consists of vehicle control which is much more then just the use of clutch, gears, brakes and steering wheel. When the trainee has developed a sufficient level of skill in vehicle control, the traffic participation tasks can be learned. At the end the future driver is introduced to tricky road situations, bad weather conditions to further improve his skills and confidence.

    There are several advantages of using a car driving simulator for driver training.
  • high quality of training for all students.
  • driver skills can be practiced much better than in a real car on the road.
  • the trainee gets much more driving experience in less time.
  • More efficient transfer of controlled to automatic processing, which results in safer driving.
  • Separate driving tasks can be practiced and repeated without the trainee being distracted by other dangers on the road.
  • Consistent and immediate feedback by a virtual instructor, which enhances speed of learning.
  • Complete and reliable evaluation after each lesson. The progress of the student is documented automatically and all aspects of the driving tasks are evaluated.
  • All students receive the same training content, and all aspects of the driving task, ranging from gear shifting to filtering in on highways, are covered.
  • Training in a safe environment without stress. Stress inhibits the efficient development of skills.
  • A guaranteed supply of instructive traffic situations. For efficient learning, you need predictable and carefully chosen learning situations.
  • Fewer hours in a car on the road which amounts to less fuel consumption which is beneficial to the environment.
  • The use of a driving simulator increases capacity of the driving school, while it reduces costs.
  • Special circumstances, such as night driving, snow and rain, can be practiced anytime.

Our partner STSoftware has top of the line driving simulators and a wide variety of software to ensure proper training for different situations; driving fear, bad weather, police training etc.

Police Training

For police and emergency services we offer the package "driving with optical and sound signals (siren)". This consists of 4 lessons where the trainee drives to an accident. During the lesson, the trainee switches the siren on or off. The autonomous intelligent traffic detects the police car and responds to the siren, sometimes according to the prevailing traffic rules and rules involving priority vehicles, but sometimes with startle reactions or annoying behaviour. There's a lesson on a highway and three in a city environment with different levels of complexity. In addition, the simulators can be connected to allow training of teams (team-based skills).

    Important characteristics that contribute to a high training efficiency:
  • Visual system with high resolution and high graphical frame rate.
  • Structured training as a priority vehicle with optical and sound signals in high density traffic with realistic traffic behavior.
  • Analysis of behaviour on intersections with record/replay and event logging by multiple raters.
  • Simulators can be connected enabling team training of team-based skills.

Why Simulation Matters!

A trainer often finds it difficult to train drivers who are nervous and scared to drive on road due to reasons such as age, background or by nature. A driving scenario acts as a practice ground where he can practice without the fear of having an accident. Once the fear has vanished from his mind, he can be trained on the road. Learning on a simulator is an immersive experience which ensures quick learning. It is scientifically proven that 1 hour of training on a simulator equals 3 hours of on road driving. Apart from it 70% of the learning happens on the simulator.

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Languages and countries

Our driving simulators are used all over the world. In order to maximize the effectiveness of driver training, the driver training lessons are adjusted to the local language, rules of the road and traffic system as accurately as possible. The training simulators are available in a growing list of languages and for various countries (country-specific rules of the road and road signs and language). Systems are in right hand drive (RHD) or left hand drive (LHD), automatic and manual gear. The training is adjusted to the specifics of the countries where the simulators are used.

Driving Sim video From STS Netherlands

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