Body Worn Systems

Body Worn System

We provide dedicated tailored solutions to meet the specific needs of our customers in order to dramatically improve their performances, so that they can promptly react to the increasing demand for safety and security ,we built together with our partner the Ultimate Solution for Day and Night Audio Video Transmission and Recording, our BODYCAM is your ‘EYE’ in the field.

    We offer a full list of features and more are being developed :

  • GPS localization.
  • local recording of audio and video.
  • WiFi and 4G live transmission of audio and video.
  • Command and Control Centre for situation awareness
  • Suitable for harsh environment and any type of mission.
  • Push to Talk.

Why our bodycam is different?

Our BODYCAM connects directly to the powerful R-C4ISR, the break-through Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence and Reconnaissance system software ,another usage is to keep watch over the police force in case of emergency, which make it fast to send a quick backup for the officer who get in trouble. Body Worn is the most advanced police body camera on the market using artificial intelligence to create situational awareness, the assistive features operate seamlessly within our complete evidence ecosystem. Finally, a smart solution for law enforcement.

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