Seat belt & Mobile violation

Seat belt and Mobile phone violation

It's an established fact that Seatbelt usage and reducing mobile phone usage while driving are two of the most important factors in reducing fatalities in car crashes, According to the World Health Organization (WHO).

Also, reducing the burden of injuries and fatalities from a road traffic crash is on the top of the nation's priorities and one of the most effective elements in growth planning

So, we have fine-tuned our solutions to improve compliance with laws requiring seat belt use and prohibiting mobile phone use while driving and make roads and travelers safer.

Talking on a mobile phone while driving increases the chance of a crash four times, and texting while driving increases this risk by around 23 times. Driver reaction times slow down 50% while using a phone. Wearing a seatbelt reduces risk of death as well as serious injury by about half. It is estimated that more than a million lives have been saved by seat-belts since their invention 60 years ago. No other single passive safety feature has been as effective.

Technical Features and Software Specifications

Features Summary:
  • Works with standard CCTV cameras.
  • Up-to 3 lane coverage with 1920 x 1080 resolution sensor.
  • Real-time performance.
  • Road-side installation allowed, making it easy to deploy.
  • Accuracy >90%.
Hardware Requirements
Camera Specs:
  • Image Input: minimum 2K resolution (1920 x 1080) for 3 lane coverage
  • 8, 10, 0r 12 bit color mode
  • Still image capture mode
  • External IR illumination for night-time performance
Processor Options:
  • Compatible with both Intel and Nvidia computer hardware.
  • 15fps with Nvidia Xavier NX GPU at edge.
  • 5fps on Intel i7-9900K / 8GB
  • 0.5fps on Intel Atom 3845 + NCS2 VPU
  • LTE module required for violation package communication, system health monitoring for edge deployments
    Software Specifications:
    • Human-grade classification results
    • Learning based system adapts to new environments
    • Accuracy >90% after model adaption
    • Up to 3 lanes with single camera on road-side installation at 4 – 6m height.
    • Up to 4 lanes with gantry mounting.
    • Distance-to-vehicle < 20m
    Deployment Options:
    • On-Edge or On-Premises Options.
    • UMQTT broker-based integration with client’s violation package system (default).
    • More integration options available on request.

    Existing cameras accuracy

    The existing cameras are powerful sensors using AI, scanning every vehicle passing in its field, analyzing the images in real-time and providing the highest accuracy of the seatbelt and mobile phone violation detection at more than 90% accuracy for both..

    High accuracy of our software

    the high accuracy of our software minimizes false alarms and provides actionable intelligence in real-time to support safer driving initiatives and better city planning so that we can reduce the number of road fatalities.

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