Penguin BE UAV

Penguin BE UAV

Electric Penguin BE unmanned aircraft platform shares the same flexibility as original gas engine Penguin B unmanned aircraft. The electric version of the Penguin BE is a perfect choice for the short duration missions. Electric propulsion offers simple and clean operation with excellent reliability and simple maintenance. Electric propulsion has outstanding low noise and low vibration characteristics.

The aircraft is available as a platform, ready for the autopilot and payload integration by the customer

Electric propulsion retrofit package is available for converting gas Penguin B to electric propulsion.

All components of the Penguin BE are easily removable and completely interchangeable. Wing splits in three 1.1 meter sections and the V-tail splits in two parts. High-end industrial grade push-pull connectors are installed in tail-boom joints as standard. The quick release fastening is used extensively in the Penguin B airframe. Oversize access covers are equipped with DZUS type 1/4 turn quick fasteners, tail-booms are equipped with a purpose developed quick release aluminum joints. Battery cartridge is fastened with the quick release spring loaded pins.

Option and Ground Control Station

Battery Cartridge:
  • The 640 Wh battery cartridge is made from 48 Lithium Polymer cells and has 145 Wh/kg specific energy. The cartridge has rugged aluminum structure and integrated PCB that reduces the amount of wiring and simplifies charging. Battery cartridge can be changed in less than 1 minute.
Power Distribution Unit:
  • The power distribution unit efficiently converts the main battery voltage into 6V and 12V power outputs for the onboard electronics. Power distribution unit comes pre-installed in Penguin BE with all necessary wiring, mounts and connectors.
  • Despite small size, power distribution unit offers outstanding efficiency as well as unique features such as the ability to monitor load, battery current, engine rpm and battery voltage through TTL serial communication. All power distribution parameters can be transmitted to the ground station and monitored during the flight.
Heavy Duty Landing Gear:
  • The heavy-duty landing gear components were optimized for operation from unimproved runways. With this upgrade, the takeoff distance from poor quality runway is considerably improved. The Penguin B aircraft can land on rough surface due to a high shock absorbing capacity of the nose landing gear as well as large 128 mm inflatable wheels.
  • The heavy duty landing gear option can be factory installed on Penguin B UAV airframe or supplied as retrofit kit for existing users of Penguin B.
  • Reduced takeoff distance from unimproved runway.
  • Ability to land on rough unimproved airstrip.
  • High shock absorbing capacity.
Penguin BE 4 servo V-tail option:
  • The following option increases reliability of the system significantly. The Penguin B tailplane is factory modified to have four control surfaces and four servos. If ordered with engine and servo package, additional two HS-5125 servos, aluminum servo mounts and wiring is installed into the tailplane.
  • Increased reliability of the system
  • Reduced servo load
Push-pull connectors for wing:
  • Preinstalled Fischer 102 Series push-pull industrial connectors between the center and the tip wing sections..
Penguin BE UAV Transportation Case:
  • Case is completely watertight and very rugged. Internal stringers with soft padding and Velcro straps allow simple and fast component placement and fastening. Supplied with additional internal case for small components, spare bolts, screwdrivers and tools. Operation Manual can also be fastened with Velcro straps
  • Environmentally protected
  • Clearly marked with labels for correct component placement
  • Stackable
  • Removable lid
  • Internal case for tools, bolts
  • Internal padded stringers and Velcro straps
UAV Balancer:
  • The Penguin BE balancing rig considerably simplifies the balancing and weighting procedure. Balancer is used for setting up the correct center of gravity as well as weighting the aircraft.
  • Aircraft must be weighted before each flight to determine the aircraft weight with fuel. Aircraft weight is then saved in autopilot configuration, as well as used for calculating the correct catapult launch speed. Knowing the exact aircraft weight is critical for safe operations.
  • The aircraft center of gravity needs to be located inside allowable limits- balancer allows quick aircraft balancing on field. After swapping the payload, the center of gravity can be validated using balancer rig.
  • Balancing rig features a lightweight aluminum frame with quick connections. Balancer can be assembled in seconds and is designed for field operations.
Ground Control Station:
  • Portable Ground Control Station. Universal portable ground control station for Penguin B and other UAVs. Dual display functionality, advanced safety features and hot-swappable lithium battery cartridges.
  • User-configurable for any autopilot system. Data-links, software and Panasonic Toughbook need to be purchased separately.

Flyer EN

Penguin BE Performance

Sleek and efficient design gives best in class performance. Highly efficient, optimized electric propulsion with the matched propeller allows up to 110 minutes of endurance with 2.8 kg payload. The maximum payload capacity is 6.6 kg. The optimized high lift flap system provides stall speeds of less than 13 m/s.

Aircraft Dimensions and Specifications

MTOW 21.5 kg / Empty Weight (excluding payload)1 14.9 kg/ Wing Span 3.3 m/ Length 2.27 m/ Wing Area 0.79 m2/ Propulsion Type Geared Brushless/ Propulsion Power 2700 W/ Battery Type Lithium Polymer/ Battery Cartridge Capacity 640 Wh/ Onboard Voltage 6V, 12V/ Onboard Continuous Power 100 Watts/ Max Payload 6.6 kg.

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