Smart Helmet

Smart Helmet

The Smart N901 Thermal imaging helmet has been specifically conceived to prevent the spread of the coronavirus outbreak. It provides a fast safe and smart human temperature solution for public.

N901 Thermal imaging helmet is the ideal system for epidemic prevention in hospitals, Office buildings, transport hubs, factories, pedestrian zone in trading area, scenic spots and parks, and with traffic police.

Scan the QR code that carries personal information, and record personal information into the database automatically in real time, realizing personnel identification and paperless registration .

Functions And Specifications

  • Rapid detection indoor and outdoor.
  • Automatic recording of the user and his body temperature in real time
  • Quickly check vehicles and fevered people.
  • Fast face recognition identity verification.
  • Automatic recording of the user and his body temperature in real time.
  • Weight: 1.1 KG.
  • Temperature measurement efficiency: 200 people\min
  • Temperature measurement range: -20 °C : 120 °C.
  • Temperature measurement accuracy: ± 0.3 °C..
  • The longest warning distance: 7m.
  • Resolution: 384x288.
  • Battery: 5000 mAh.
  • 24h Standby time.
  • 8h Body temperature detection mode.
  • Infrared camera can determine temperatures from up to 5m away.
  • It can screen out those with high temperatures from among a hundred people in less than two minutes..


  • Quick temperature measurement for a single person.
  • Quick temperature measurement for multiple people
  • Scan the QR that carries personal information and complete the personal temperature measurement at the same time and record personal information into the database automatically in real-time, realizing personnel identification and paperless registration.
  • Recognize vehicle license plate and give an early warning for any risk and complete the temperature for the people in the car.
  • Perform thermal imaging detection on specific parts of the human body for qualitative analysis of the location and size of human lesions.
  • Perform thermal imaging inspection for industrial facilities such as HVAC equipment, pipelines, and electronic equipment. It is suitable for fire control, electricity, HVAC and other fields, it can also be used for night vision inspection scenarios such as finding objects, viewing people, and fire prevention.
  • Perform face recognition for the person who wears the helmet and displays the identification information in real-time.

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