Long Range Defender Technology

Long Range Defender Technology

Long Range Defender is a system that combines between radar Automatic Identification System, Thermal camera and near infrared cameras in order to get long-range imaging and display it on a digitized map. This system defined to understand activities and events on and under the sea, on land and in the sky.

Long range defender designed as a complement to video surveillance system. it uses advanced technology and intelligent algorithms to detect trespassers who may have breached your first line of defense to enter your premises. And it does it accurately, minimizing false alarms – in any weather and at any time of the day or night.

With long range defender, the detector can send the exact coordinates of detected people or objects directly to the cameras, which can then automatically zoom in on the object with no manual interference.

Long range defender designed to automatically control the direction and zoom-level of one or many pans, tilt, zoom cameras for optimized camera views. The application uses motion data to find objects of interest on the site.

Using long range defender technology helps to solve the challenge of accurate human presence detection wide areas where traditional devices may be limited.

Conventional night vision lets track and monitor activities over a range of distances. Yet long range defender technology is a quantum leap, producing remarkably detailed images over unprecedented distances.

With long range defender you will feel protected 24 hours a day which camera is equipped with night vision that can See in adverse weather conditions.

The system provides an integrated detection and identification solutions with capabilities ranging from a few hundred meters to 10 km and much more during nighttime and daytime depending on the size of the moving object and environment conditions.

How it works?

  • Using the radar, the operator monitors the perimeter for alerts.
  • When a target is detected the zone in question will be highlighted on the screen and alert sound generated to get the operators attention.
  • The camera assigned to the zone in alert will also automatically move to the threat location area.
  • The operator will then take over the control of the camera to assess the suspicious moving target or potential threat using various sensors, zooming in and out at will, taking picture, etc.


  • Reconnaissance and target identification.
  • Maritime Domain Awareness.
  • Perimeter and harbor security.
  • Anti-Piracy and counter terrorism.
  • Threats to strategic assets.
  • Illegal immigration.
  • Drug smuggling.
  • Search and rescue.
  • Complement to radar and detection system.
  • Recognize target details such as rifles, weapons.
  • Recognize and identify threats sooner, react faster.

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