Drone Platform

Platform is a cloud based visual data management system enriched with applications such as photogrammetry services, report generation tools, annotation and measurement tools, and processing and analytics. With the our Platform, organizations can organize and store their rich visual data from a variety of different sources, including drones, enabling analytics, and derive data-driven insights to help make key business decisions.

Fly Safely and In Compliance: Gain control of your fleet, pilots, and data.Enforce safe operating procedures for OSHA compliant drone flight. Customize the checklist for your business requirements. Record pilot’s digital credentials and responses alongside the checklist for each flight.Acquire LAANC authorization in controlled airspace through partnerships with.

Gather Insights to Grow Your Program:Enable fleet commanders to respond to legal challenges, demonstrate compliance with company policy, federal and local laws.

Functions And Sensors

  • Monitor vital stats of drone.
  • check Battery voltage.
  • Current draw.
  • ESC temperature.
  • Pitch & roll values.
  • Radio signal strength.
  • GPS signal strength.
  • Altitude, speed, heading.
  • Distance to next waypoint.
  • Distance to home.

Controlling Sensors in a Drone

  • Accelerometer : Measures acceleration in all 3 axis.
  • Gyroscope: Measure angular rate in all 3 axis.
  • Compass: Determines heading.
  • GPS: Determines position based on GPS/GLONASS satellites.
  • Power module:Power supply to flight controller.
  • Optical flow: More accurate landing.
  • Obstacle avoidance: Sense & avoid.
  • ADS-B: Broadcasts your position.

Easily Manage Pilots and Equipment

  • Stay in compliance with government and in-house regulations.
  • Ensure Drone Pilots remain fully compliant with federal certification.
  • Manage all drones in use by your team, including registration, total flights, last pilot and last flight.
  • Set expiration dates for pilot licenses to prompt you to start training programs for staff who need to renew their Part.

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