Intelligent City Surveillance

Intelligent City Surveillance

Aiactive is the most experienced system integrator in Egypt and North Africa designing and implementing city surveillance projects for law enforcement , traffic management and counter terrorism. our systems are not all ready made, most of our system components are developed and optimized by our developers and system analysts together with the fruitful cooperation we always have with our partners and clients, now we have a full list of functions and devices that meets all our client requirements.

    We currently offer a long list of options that serves public security and traffic management:

    • Full video, audio recording and broadcasting 24/7.
    • 3 Layers of network security from hackers and penetrations.
    • High load wimax or fiber network for transmission.
    • Vehicle Classification.
    • Free Flow LPR.
    • Average Speed.Enforcement
    • Redlight traffic control.
    • Body worn systems connected.
    • In vehicle systems connected.
    • Long Range optical systems.
    • Ground and sea side radars for premises and border control.
    • Intelligent video analytics configurations available.
    • Fully equipped command and control centers with all needed security features.
    • Mobile control centers and applications.
    • Ready to host 100,000+ devices license available.
    • Our control software can host all your systems under 1 Umbrella management system.

Command and Control Software

Aiactive believes the we have to offer our client the best performance while managing their daily homeland security tasks, our Italian partner Prassel together with our engineers accomplished a very difficult mission in balancing between useful gadgets and ease of use for our Umbrella software, VIMS can connect to surveillance cameras, body worn cameras, invehicle systems, LPR cameras, Radars, Lidars, Redlight cameras, Speed cameras and many more. Also the software can support virtualization and can be distributed over a large network of main and sub command and control centers with enhanced access level managment and security alerts and features.
Aiactive is looking for distributors in Africa and the region, if you are interested contact us and don't hesitate to join the successful league of our partners.
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