As General/ Mohamed El-Zmalout the governor of the new valley mentioned that the roads are observed via large number of the fastest-focusing cameras Which helps in detecting the crimes by transferring the data from these cameras that can help to uncover the perpetrators.
Also, the governor mentioned that the surveillance cameras helped tremendously the Reduction of crime rates Pointing out that the cameras not just detecting the crime it also helps in detecting accidents to communicate with the Traffic Department and patrols to move quickly.
Also Dr. Hesham El-Sherif the Minister of Local Development in Egypt mentioned that the Ministry Works on securing All the New Valley Cities by surveillance and Centrallized control system and they already had implemented a surveillance system on El-Kharga city the capital of the governorate by running surveillance cameras in all squares and streets.
Aiactive Technologies had a major role in securing the New Valley City, as the leader in supplying, installation and execution of similar projects all around the Republic of Egypt, so we are responsible to establish the security system for the city of El-Kharga and the new valley governorate, running the system and training perssonals running it.
We areĀ  also responsible for preparing an integrated field study on the project implementation sites, prepare the surrounding environment and equip it for work Including construction works, extensions, electrical installations and the Internet.
We are also responsible for supplying components of the system of computer equipment and supplies and surveillance cameras, and designing a plan to test the system before delivery Until the project reaches the success it has achieved and in a way that has satisfied everyone.
And the project is now finalized and ready to secure the city.