The conference seeks to find Effective mechanisms for the traffic system and the efforts of state agencies to get together roads planning, prevent accidents, spread traffic awareness, struggle to the wrong behaviors, and enhance reliance on technological means in the work system.
Our company Which has become leader in this sector also joined the conference General / Mahmoud Gahin the president of AiActive Technologies company, vice president General / Zaky Adly, and the heads of Sales and Maintenance Department.
The conference included a Detailed explanation of the systems we offer for law and traffic enforcement Where the products introduced includes a collection of various simulators, Surveillance Cameras and Radars from our partners like (Axis, Tattile, Nova Defensio and kustom signals ………… etc.) Our company has attracted a great deal of attention and also has taken on new steps into domination the local market.
General / Mahmoud Gahin president of Aiactive Technologies added in the interview that the offered products like radars, Surveillance Cameras and central control rooms are already working to secure more than 9 major cities with security monitoring system, Auto-equipped vehicles to detect stolen vehicles, the body app cameras and more than 200 Traffic radar devices are existing in all traffic departments in the Arab Republic of Egypt and Africa.
Aiactive is looking for distributors in Africa and the region, if you are interested contact us and don't hesitate to join the successful league of our partners.
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