We are delighted to announce a new partnership have been designated to increase road safety, visibility and guidance support, even in the most unfavorable weather conditions all around Africa.
This new product aims an enhanced Safe driving experience even in unfavorable weather conditions on all kinds of roads by projecting Laser beams t hrough thick fog, dense rain and sand storms defining special models, meaning 2-dimensional or 3-dimensional paths of visible and secure signaling..
This system serves many applications like:
- Road Edges
- New Jersey Freeways
- Roundabout
- Tunnels and galleries
- Crosswalk
- Road construction sites
- Mobile Street Police Devices
- Ports of tourist marinas
Together for better road safety in Africa.
Aiactive is looking for distributors in Africa and the region, if you are interested contact us and don't hesitate to join the successful league of our partners.
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