Egypt's Mercedes upgraded patrols are securing the roads

Which called for The need for AIACTIVE technologies to provide advanced vehicles to improve the level of services provided to the Ministry sectors for use in security patrols and criminal investigation.

Where AIACTIVE equipped a car with a sophisticated detention room for six of the suspects, and it was equipped with a sophisticated camera system (CCTV) and (ANPR) to monitor the security situation and document it on the main roads and hubs, identify the car numbers and identify the plates which are Required for detention.

It is also equipped with «Scout Fixed», which deals with the system of cameras and programs dedicated to criminal research With a GPS device to locate it during the transfer the accuses, and is equipped with a system to transfer data from the vehicle to the electronic accounts located in the department and connect it to the public security interest sector operations room where the car transports everything that happens with sound and image.

And also, AIACTIVE has trained a number of officers and individuals to handle these vehicles.

And now the car works well and is highly efficient throughout all Egyptian cities and Highways.