We delivered the first batch of driver training simulators to the South Sinai traffic department located in Sharm El Sheikh city.

Our specialized engineers have upgraded the command center in Ismailia state to host more operations using the edge technologies and techniques in Homeland security systems and the security situation is dramatically improved all over the state.

We have successfully implemented the first phase of covering all Aswan major cities with high quality smart surveillance cameras connected to a centralized command and control from one main fully equipped command center and five sub terminals serving all local authorities different parties.

We delivered the first patch of LaserCam4 Lidars to Ghana police forces with our international partners Kustom Signals inc. and Nova Defensio (RobTech)

We have completed the implementation of the largest command & control center in Mansoura state, to be the first in the region to kick off such a center which includes a powerful R-C4ISR break-through Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence, Traffic management and Reconnaissance platform.

Sharkia state top management launched the first phase of a mega project to cover all Sharkia major cities with smart surveillance cameras, edge traffic cameras, intelligent traffic lights and body worn systems for the local police task forces with centralized command and control from 5 main fully equipped command centers and other sub terminals serving all local authorities different parties.

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