Egypt's Mercedes upgraded patrols are securing the roads
The security situation in Egypt has experienced Degradation markedly over the past few years, and specifically in the last five years, that’s why there has been a lot of questioning about the ways and means by which the right to security and protection can be restored.

We have equipped the Directorate of Education at Menoufia City with Surveillance Cameras connected with 11 schools in the state to monitor and protect the student’s books warehouse and exam correction control center.

Aiactive Technologies has equipped Assiut University Hospitals by many high-quality surveillance cameras connected electronically to displays inside the control room to follow up the security situation inside Assiut University Hospitals which located on campus in addition to the installation of electronic gates at the entrances to Assiut University Hospitals which is operated by magnetic card system.

Aiactive Technologies has secured Assiut University by many high-quality surveillance cameras, electronic gates at the entrances of the University which is operated by magnetic card system, metal identification device, Bomb detector, Automatic entry system. Also, has equipped an operations room where the campus is monitored by surveillance cameras to follow up the security situation inside the University.

It’s great honor to be awarded the best executed city surveillance project worldwide from Axis communications for securing Ismailia city by smart surveillance system and we are proud to represent the top 5% of Axis Communications’ 80,000+ solution partner globally.

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