«Cordon.Pro»M system performs automatic instant speed measurement within the controlled area (2—6 traffic lanes) with simultaneous photo-video capturing and storing of the evidence data. The system may be used in immobile mode either on stationary pole bracket or portable tripod, as well as in moving mode while installed on the moving patrol vehicle, both inside and outside.
Multiple «Cordon.Pro»M systems offer simultaneous measurement of both average speed between sensors, and instant speed within each sensor’ controlled area.
  • Automatic instant and average speed measurement within the controlled area, time and coordinate determination with simultaneous photo-video capturing and storing the evidence data.
  • The system may be supplied with different installation kits for quick switching between stationary, portable and mobile mounting options.
  • Automatic license plate recognition of various countries and vehicle classification (cars, trucks and buses) using machine vision technology, with simultaneous search for wanted vehicles

Specification and Features

Design and Operation Principle
  • Fully automatic operation for vehicle control on up to 6 traffic lanes simultaneously in both directions.
  • Speed measurement range 2—300 km/h.
  • Separate speed limits for different lanes and cars, trucks and buses.
  • Evidence data and video clip recording for each detected violation.
  • Internal GPS/GLONASS receiver determines the geographic coordinates of the system and ensures automatic time synchronization with satellite navigation system.
  • Automatic number plate recognition of various countries and vehicle classification (cars, trucks and buses) using machine vision technology with at least 95% success ratio.
  • Neural network technology ensures quick adaptation to new license plate formats.
  • Ability to check the passing vehicles using the various databases in internal memory, with voice notification for operator and immediate sending the data to Police back-office.
  • Special “Intercept” working mode for capturing the vehicles with missing or unreadable license plates.
  • The system is equipped with automatic vehicle class recognition system, operating on optical principle without access to any vehicle databases.
  • Given the adequate lighting within the controlled area, the system determines the proper car class for oncoming traffic with at least 95% accuracy for cars, trucks, buses.
  • Appropriate speed limit is automatically assigned to each car, based on its class.
  • With vehicle classification, the system automatically detects the forbidden truck traffic either on entire road, or on particular lanes.
  • Wireless data transfer (2G, 3G or 4G) over the secure Virtual Private Network (VPN) using the internal cellular module.
  • Automatic switching to backup data channels (4G, Wi-Fi) in case of main channel malfunction.
  • Ability to stream the data to different servers simultaneously.
  • Ability to stream the video in real time using RTSP protocol.
  • Automatic recording and storing video clips of road situation to the archive (up to 24 hours of video), ability to search through archive for specified time period.
  • Self-testing and remote testing features.
  • Automatic tracking of system performance with telemetry streaming in real time.
  • Software and stored data protection against corruption and unauthorized changes.
  • Logging of system events and user actions.
  • Mechanical shock sensor with real time notifications via E-Mail and SMS.
  • Optional armored enclosure ensures protection from handgun and shotgun munition.
  • Internal IR spotlight enables nighttime operation, regardless of roadway lighting conditions.
  • Optional external IR spotlight for guaranteed vehicle make and model visibility.
  • Gathering the statistical data on traffic flow properties.
  • Plotting the interactive graphs on selected parameter.
  • Analysis of captured violations with breaking down by violation types and overspeed amount.
System Variants and Operation Modes
  • “Cordon.Pro”M system supports several different operation and installation modes, depending on the Customer’s requirements and supplied power source and installation kit. For the maximum simplicity of installation process, the system utilizes quick setup using the Web-interface with automatic checkup for correct mounting parameters.
  • Stationary Mode: 110-220 VAC Power Kit with rotary bracket for installation on any lamp pole and 110-220 VAC mains power supply. Maximum installation height 10 meters. The sensor is installed near the road border or above the road. Rotary quick installation bracket for pole mounting. BPF Kit includes the custom-designed semi-autonomous power unit which charges the batteries from the city lighting in night time. 6 hours of charging from city lighting at night are enough for autonomous operation during the rest of the day. Rotary bracket for installation on any lamp pole is included.
Optional Equipment
  • Color video camera.
  • Arctic version.
  • Various autonomous power sources.
  • Additional IR spotlights.
  • Bulletproof enclosure.
Violations Enforcement
  • Speeding (instant and average).
  • Movement in the wrong direction on two-way road and one-way road.
  • Movement on reserved bus lane, roadside, divider lane and pavement or cycle way.
  • Driving under the STOP sign without stopping.
  • Crossing the solid road marking.
  • Truck traffic ban enforcement (on entire road or particular lanes).
  • Failure to keep safe distance (tailgating).
  • Speed measurement range: 2—300 km/h, accuracy ± 1 km/h.
  • Time synchronization error in relation to UTC scale: max. ±5 us.
  • Power consumption above freezing temperature: up to 25 W.
  • Sensor weight: up to 6 kg.
  • Sensor dimensions: up to 460×180×280 mm.
Certificates and Warranty
  • Warranty period 1 year.
  • Type Approval Certificate ОС.C.33.158.A No.75141 by Federal Agency for Technical Regulation and Metrology of the Russian Federation. Valid till September 18, 2024.
  • Eurasian Customs Union Certificate of conformity No. ТС RU C-RU.ME83.B.00002/18. Valid till December 26, 2023.


Patrol vehicle Kit — includes the mini tripod with 12 V battery box and tablet PC. The sensor is installed in car trunk and powered by battery box for operation in moving mode; no modifications to the car are required. The setup takes just 5 minutes. The system may be easily moved outside the vehicle and placed on roadside for operation in stationary mode.


    On tripod — includes the standard tripod, 12V battery box and tablet PC or laptop. The sensor is installed on the roadside and powered by battery box. On car roof rails — includes the roof rail bracket, 12V battery box and laptop.
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