LaserCam 4 Lidar Kustom Signals

LaserCam 4 is the fourth generation hand-held video LIDAR from Kustom Signals.
Powered by the ProLaser® 4 for superior performance, LaserCam 4 offers greater range to target, faster acquisition time, and image resolution of plates at longer distances providing a comprehensive video record of Speed Enforcement and target tracking history.

The ProLogTM back office enables any agency to easily manage their video evidence by securely storing each video, image, and metadata generated by their LaserCam 4, PLVideo and their ProLaser 4 Events data. Scalable upgrades to ProLog include ProLog Standard or ProLog Standard Client which add multiple device support, administrative reporting and networking capabilities to a database. ProLog reports incorporate useful tools such as speed versus time tracking history graph.
The ergonomic and rugged design makes it a well-balanced, hand-held unit with available shoulder stock and tripod mount, if preferred. LaserCam 4 can be operated as a corded unit or with batteries.

LaserCam 4 Basic Specifications

AutoTrak™ (patent pending)
  • Automatic optical zoom with approaching & receding target tracking
  • User selectable post recording action for faster target to target measurement (returns camera zoom to desired initial view)
On image data
  • Date, time, serial number, GPS or site code, record #, user ID, operating mode, camera mode, posted speed, capture speed, target speed and range with units, and laser diameter at the target (several fields optional)
Operational Modes
  • Video: Automatic, manual, range with video, video record only
  • Photo: Automatic, manual, range with photo*, photo* only
  • Poor weather toggle on/off in all laser measurement modes
  • AES 256 on file transfer
Optimum Focal Distance
  • From 10 m to 500 m (33 to 1,640 ft.)
  • Identify European registration plates at 200+ meters (650 ft.) – typical
  • Identify US registration plates at 575 ft. (175+ m) - typical
Speed Accuracy
  • ±1 km/h (±1 mph)
Speed Range
  • 16 to 320 km/h (10 to 200 mph)
  • optional 0 minimum speed
Measurement Range
  • 3 m. (10 ft.) up to 2.4 km (up to 8,000 ft.)
Range Accuracy
  • ± 0.15 m (± 6 inches)
Battery Life
  • 10+ hours (typical), battery level indicator on rear display
  • 1.70 kg (3 lb. 12.1 oz.) with battery
  • 1.46 kg ( 3lb. 3.4 oz. ) without battery
  • 17.3 cm x 10.7 cm x 31.2 cm (6.8 in. x 4.2 in. x 12.3 in.)
  • Audio recording with video modes (option to disable)
Touch Screen Display
  • 8.1 cm 800 x 480, color touch screen (3.2”), glove friendly
  • IEEE 802.11 B/G/N with rear display icon
  • 3.7 v dc, 10.8Ah Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery pack

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  • Video LIDAR for comprehensive tracking history.
  • AutoTrak: Auto zoom with target tracking simplifies use.
  • Bluetooth wireless roadside printing.
  • Powered by ProLaser 4 for superior performance..


  • Multiple speed limit support to enforce different vehicle classes and different approaching and receding target speed limits.
  • Video and new customizable Photo Mode for flexible and efficient evidence management.
  • Wi-Fi file transfer.
  • AES 256 encryption for added security.
  • IR emitter for superior night-time video or image capture.
  • Upgrade to 64 GB video memory for 33+ hours of continuous video.
  • Now Shipping! Long range optical lens accessory.

Long range (LR) Optical Lens accessory

IR emitter for superior Day & Night performance

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