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Welcome to Aiactive Technologies

Aiactive Technologies is the only one-stop system integrator for all your Counter-Terrorism, Traffic Management, and Law Enforcement systems in Africa.
With a wide variety of cutting-edge technologies, we are exclusively operating in Egypt and Northern Africa. Our team of 90+ experienced members is dedicated to evaluating all your needs and requirements to provide a personalized and tailored offer that meets all your expectations. Together with our representation offices and partner network, we are available around the clock to ensure customer satisfaction. Our operations and projects are covering the Northern, Central, and Eastern African continent

Latest Achievements

Ghana Speed Enforcement

Upgrade Ghana Speed Enforcement measures.

Aswan City Surveillance

Hundreds of cameras with network links 1000 km.

Ismalia AFCON

Safeguarding the attendees of the African Cup of Nations.

Damietta City Surveillance

Including laser aided cameras and advanced video analytics algorithm.

Mansura City Surveillance

Using Tattile and Axis Cameras..

New Valley City Surveillance

Securing the whole border region with advanced surveillance cameras in very harsh enviroment.


Built to increase officer awareness of surrounding threats and central command assistance.
" Major A. Salem General Traffic Control "The recent emergence of body-worn cameras has already had an impact on policing which impact will increase as more agencies adopt this technology,''
Major A. El Gohary UN Forces - Darfur "Recordings of the surrounding in the battlefield were always helping to find undiscovered threats and avoid future field mistakes."
Roberto Grella Mr. Roberto Grella NOVA DEFENSIO CEO "BODYCAM connects directly to the powerful R-C4ISR, the NOVA DEFENSIO breakthrough Command Control Communication Computing Intelligence and Reconnaissance system technologies"


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Intelligent Traffic and Transportation System

In cooperation with our partners, we developed and integrated our state of the art ITS system. Whilst managing thousands of traffic and transportation sensors, Realtime outputs are being collected that will ease daily decision making. Our Intelligent algorithms are the future to road safety and traffic enforcement, providing hundreds of features for planning and management improvement. Investing in our latest ITS systems will generate the required revenue to cover your expenses for installment, upgrading and maintenance. We supply a full range of services from planning, designing, installing, deploying, auditing, improving and maintenance of the entire system.

Real time dataAdvanced algorithms
Traffic enforcement Speed and red-light violations.
Road safety Collision avoidance, etc.
Data analysis IoT for decision makers.

Our latest products

Meet our avant-garde products of NextGen technology.
Smart Helmet Smart Helmet A thermal imaging helmet has the best use to detect and contain the spread of the coronavirus.
Average Speed TattileAccurately measure the average speed of a vehicle over a specific distance.
Street Laser System LaserAidCreates 2 or 3-dimensional paths of visible and secure signaling by making visible road edges.
Drones Drone PlatformNova Defensio Apollo Drone System NOVA is a multi-functional and long endurance heavy payload capacity UAV

UAV Platforms

UAVs have been around for quite some time, its prime usage is for military purposes, in places that were hostile and dangerous. The civilian market is relatively new, and commercial interest has seen tremendous growth in the past ten years. The future of drones is auspicious, along with global market exponential growth every year.Components becoming smaller and lighter to reduces the size and weight dramatically. Battery life is prolonged, resulting in longer flight times. UAVs' classifications are adjusted according to their usage, weight, range, and altitude. They offer a unique perspective that no other technology can provide.

Highly efficient EFIpowerful 3W 28 CS engine
Class Mobility all the necessary equipment.
Control Station Portable Ground Control Station (GCS).
Payload Options Epsilon gimbals are fully integrated.

Stay tuned to the latest products and news.

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