Offensive services

Offensive services

Offensive security is the practice of simulating real-life attacks (Black Hats) to see how strong and secure the system is to defend against these attacks. Additionally, offensive security provides the ability to discover as many vulnerabilities as possible in a system, network, application or any technological device or software and assure that it is secure and able to face real-life threats and attacks.

A detailed report of the offensive security activities, technical and non-technical makes sure that the organizational unit understands the threat and the incident.

  • Our experts will assist your organization in testing your blockchain applications to ensure that all flaws are eliminated, smart records are enabled and security against fraud is ensured. Security testing is essential and complex and aids in the delivery of quality products and the development of various quality stages, ranging from system performance to the security of the entire application.
  • Our goal is to find security loopholes in the data entry and theft of information, to test your blockchain application’s resiliency, which will demonstrate its weaknesses and allow our security professionals to offer you the best solution for the identified problems.
Binary analysis
  • We provide binary analysis solutions to enable your organization to inspect your binary code without involvement from the vendor, to identify open source components, security vulnerabilities, license obligations and additional sensitive information that could lead to a breach. Binary analysis evaluates binary files through various static and dynamic analysis methods with the sole purpose of this methodology to identify critical security issues
Source code review
  • The role of our team is to examine and review (both negative and positive) the source code concerning the project objective, readability and maintainability issues. Our engineers will look at every nook of your codebase relating to thread synchronization issues, resource leaks and security issues and make sure that unit tests cover all code paths and error conditions.
  • Code reviews point to a stage that connects the development cycle where software source codes get exploited for detecting irregularities, inconsistencies and quality against system requirements. Code reviews can happen anytime during the development cycle.
Red team services
Adversary simulation
  • Adversary simulation will empower your organization to more accurately assess cyber risks and vulnerabilities through the practice of security experts impersonating the actions and behaviors of skilled cyber threat actors using real-world attacker breach techniques and a feedback loop from your organization’s security stack. These techniques, procedures, various scenarios and adversary profiles test the effectiveness of your security controls in any given environment of your organization’s information technology.
Infrastructure red teaming
  • One of our most effective cybersecurity strategies to identify and address vulnerabilities in your security infrastructure is “Red Teaming”. In using this approach, whether traditional or continuous automated red teaming, our engineers will simulate the actions of those who are malicious or hostile and test your systems for breaches and intrusions. Red Teaming is a necessity for your organization’s high security areas to establish a solid security framework. The primary goal of our Red Team is to use a specific penetration test to identify a threat to your company.
Detection and response
  • Threat detection and response is the process and ability of identifying and stopping harmful attacks targeting your network computer system, cloud network or other assets within your network. With proper detection and response we guarantee quick and accurate threat identification and blockage of the attempt. Threat detection and response tools additionally enable your security team to monitor the effectiveness of your security posture.
Assume breach
  • Your overall security will benefit by more frequently exercising and measuring responsive capabilities in the event of a breach and help guide operational security processes and investments. With an assume breach, your organization will know how to detect and gather evidence from the attacker, create a context on the extent of the breach and form and execute a remediation plan to recover from the incident. Assume Breach treats all your assets as unsecured and compromised, analyzes your company’s security needs, drafts a policy to address all the weaknesses in your network and business.
On demand
  • Tailored cybersecurity empowers your business to take advantage of this flexibility with a solution that is amenable, trustworthy and efficient to fit your needs and demands. Our on-demand cybersecurity experts will address some of your most common organizational cybersecurity challenges by providing access to our tools when needed, addressing the same need as traditional consulting but in a more flexible and efficient manner.
Social engineering as a service
  • Training your employees to defend themselves against social engineering will help them to understand why their role within your security culture is vital for your organization. With our awareness training, we educate your staff on manipulation and exploitation of their trust in disclosing confidential information that may lead to fraudulent activities. Each team member will be put to the test through various techniques like phishing, vishing and other social engineering exercises to prevent future manipulation.
Penetration testing
  • Web application penetration testing is a process by which our cyber security engineers simulate a real-life cyber-attack against your web applications, websites, or web services to identify probable threats that would be easily exploitable by cybercriminals. We conduct a series of simulated attacks that replicate actual unauthorized cyber-attacks, check the vulnerability’s extent, and identify loopholes and the efficacy of overall application security of your organization.
  • With a complete infrastructure pen test, we check all your internal computer systems, associated external devices, internet networking and cloud. Targeting the external infrastructure will discover what a hacker could do with your networks, which is easily accessible through the Internet. With internal infrastructure penetration testing, we can identify the possibility of a security breach, and from which employee, this problem has occurred.
  • Through our API penetration tests, we mimic an external attacker or malicious insider specifically targeting a custom set of API endpoints and attempting to sabotage the confidentiality, integrity, or availability of an organization’s resources. Nearly all modern web-based products offer APIs for service integration directly into any project, which make them a popular target for attackers.
  • Our network pen testing simulates and attack on your network assets to detect and misuse security configuration, network weaknesses and threats like open ports, vulnerable devices or outdated software. Even the smallest deficiency has the potential to disclose sensitive information that affects your entire business.
  • By conducting a mobile pen test, our engineers can identify vulnerabilities in a mobile application, bottlenecks and loopholes. Mobile device penetration testing is essential to the overall security posture and helps assess the security of a mobile device and its applications, discover vulnerabilities, and find flaws in application code.
  • Our IoT penetration testing helps find misconfigurations and remediate them to mate the IoT security framework more secure and evaluates the different system components of an IoT-based device by exploiting the present vulnerabilities. With the rise of the IoT and internet connected devices in your organization, risk assessment and the implementation of security controls become highly essential. IoT pen testing is an important part of assessing the risk these connected devices are posing to your business.
  • Operational Technology (OT) systems become more connected hence they become more exposed to cyberthreats. With our penetration tests we assess the resilience of your OT control systems against cyberattacks, provide visibility, identify vulnerabilities, and prioritize areas of improvement.
  • OT Penetration testing for OT cloud services/systems will analyze all possible attack vectors and test all access point from external untrusted network to the cloud infrastructure and conduct a full vulnerability assessment for the deployed cloud systems.
  • A hardware penetration test will evaluate your physical hardware like IoT or physical IT enabled devices, often small systems with unique characteristics that connect to a network or the internet to perform a specific task. These devices are often overlooked, but they may have onboard sensors and store data and exchange information.
On demand
  • To assist you even better, our penetration tests are scaled to meet the needs of your business.
  • Our penetrations tests and engineers will find your assets’ weaknesses before they become an issue and your organization becomes a target to cyberattacks.

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