Defensive Services

Defensive services

In defensive security, cyber security experts set up security appliances, hardware and/or software to monitor the network for possible attacks, detect attacks and threats, take action to stop them and apply the best practices to make sure the attacks will not hit or compromise the system or infrastructure again.

The experts analyze malware, media and attachments to track the attackers, unveil their identities and go deep with malware to follow their trail and see how it acts for full malware removal and prevention. A detailed report, technical and non-technical makes sure that the organizational unit understands the threat and the incident.

Incident response
  • With our incident response services we will support your organization if affected by a security incident and execute effective responses to guarantee a fast recovery. We advise you on proper operational procedures for planning and conducting of cybersecurity incidents and shield your vulnerable and critical assets.
Digital forensics - memory forensics
  • Our digital forensics branch supports the recovery, investigation, examination and analysis of material found in all your devices capable of storing digital data.
  • In the meanwhile we will conduct a thorough analysis of your computer’s memory dump. Our primary application is investigation of advanced computer attacks which are stealthy enough to avoid leaving data on your computer's hard drive. Inevitably, the memory (RAM) must be analyzed for forensic information.
Threat hunting
  • Our cyber threat hunting services proactively and interactively search through your networks to detect and isolate advanced threats that escape existing security solutions.
  • This is in contrast to traditional threat management measures, such as firewalls, intrusion detection systems (IDS), malware sandbox (computer security) and SIEM systems, which typically involve an investigation of evidence-based data after there has been a warning of a potential threat.
  • With a security operations center (SOC), your organization will be protected against cyber threats. Our SOC analysts perform round-the-clock monitoring of your organization’s network and investigate any potential security incidents. If a cyberattack is detected, the SOC analysts are responsible for taking any steps necessary to remediate it.
Security solutions installation
  • We provide scalable, cutting edge cybersecurity solutions and services for companies of all sizes. We will look at your requirements to ensure exact specifications to upgrade existing systems or design and install completely new systems. We assist you to stay on top of the rising and persistently growing cyberthreats, to improve your operational efficiency and reduce incident response times.

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