Aiactive Technologies Just signed a new contract with safety 21 to design and implement a smart traffic system for the Public Institutions and Police in Africa and Middle East platforms and to improve the road safety.

Given the security importance of the insurance system Within the range of Ismailia as one of the strategic cities of the Canal and ensuring the functioning of surveillance systems through high-efficiency cameras and due to our specialization in this sector of technical and security and based on the wishes of the governor of Ismailia, Major General Ahmad Bahaa al-Din al-Qassas on suppling, installing and operating cameras to the governorate of Ismailia.

Aiactive Technologies has secured Assiut University by many high-quality surveillance cameras, electronic gates at the entrances of the University which is operated by magnetic card system, metal identification device, Bomb detector, Automatic entry system. Also, has equipped an operations room where the campus is monitored by surveillance cameras to follow up the security situation inside the University.

Securing Al-Sharqiyah governorate is our newest project 1-1-2019.
Dr. Mamdouh Ghorab, Governor of Al-Sharqiyah, held a meeting with Aiactive Technologies to study the security of fields, streets and public facilities and cover it with a number of surveillance cameras. This meeting discussed the needs of each sector in the governorate from surveillance cameras and determine where cameras will be placed. In preparation for contracting and installation in different fields and government facilities in the province.

A report on a study by Safeway RightWay-Uganda mentioned that the volumes of traffic are low in the road, this creates free flow conditions and freedom to choose own travel speeds which may lead to frequent violation of the posted speed limits increasing the risks of accidents. So, they recommended speed guns for enforcement of traffic regulations.

In a press statement, Dr. Ahmed Al-Shaarawy, the Governor of Dakahlia, mentioned the need to Build a wall around the Governorate building of Dakahlia governorate, and that the purpose of the construction is to secure the Governorate building where which is a vital and targeted building. .

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