In cooperation with the EIA we are now building up the smartest city surveillance project in Egypt, we are taking Aswan State to the edge in Homeland security systems. Aswan is one of the most important tourist destinations in Egypt and the world. Therefore, Aswan Governorate decided to cooperate with AIACTIVE Technologies

The project of securing the new valley city via surveillance cameras which has been inaugurated last October by the governor of New Valley state, is one of the biggest projects which aims to observe the roads and reduce crimes and increase the south border control.

The Conference of Directors of traffic departments the 19th was launched In the headquarters of Guest House for police officers in Nasr City In the presence of the Chairman of Directors of AIActive Technologies Company And a large number of current and former traffic leaders in the Ministry of the Interior and the delegations of the armed forces and ministries concerned with the traffic crisis and scientists of Al-Azhar To discuss the serious issues and traffic files and find solutions to road problems and reduce accidents under the title of traffic development and its impact on the citizen.

Egypt's Mercedes upgraded patrols are securing the roads
The security situation in Egypt has experienced Degradation markedly over the past few years, and specifically in the last five years, that’s why there has been a lot of questioning about the ways and means by which the right to security and protection can be restored.

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